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This document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act, 2000), the website & applicable rules there under and the provision electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by an electronic system and does not require any physical or digital signatures.

This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 that require publishing the rules and regulations, privacy policy and Terms of Use (TOU) for access to or usage of www.ALTERKART.com website & application.

The domain name www.alterkart.com (hereinafter referred to as ‘Website’) is owned by Alterkart Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘ALTERKART’, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, with its registered office is at house no 672,birsanagar,zone B,behind andra samiti, jamshedpur , jharkhand, India.

For the purpose of the Terms of Use (ToU), wherever the context so requires “YOU” and “YOUR” shall be the physical and natural and legal identity at the time or registration by using electronics process as laptop or mobile or computer. And the term “WE” OR “OUR” OR “US” is directly Alterkart.

Your use of the Website, services, and VENDOR dashboard tools is controlled by the following terms and conditions (TOU) including applicable policy and privacy. If you are going through the website for selling or transact money or using application, by only use of website and application you are binding with Alterkart policy and privacy and seller policy and terms and conditions, and you shall be contracting to Alterkart.

When you use any of the services provided by Alterkart, through the website or application or in the seller dashboard or any of our services, by TOU the users are following all our guidelines, rules, regulations, policies of privacy and other mentioned policies.

Alterkart shall hold the discretion to add, remove, edit, change, update or do other changes anytime without any prior notice. It shall be the duty of the user to check the updates on regular basis which are displayed in the policies of Alterkart.

By Surfing, accessing, browsing or doing any activities on the website you are bound with the policies and terms and conditions of Alterkart. PLEASE READ THE TOU POLICIES CAREFULLY.

Seller Eligibility Condition

The use of our platform i.e. Website of Alterkart should be accessed only to a person who can form legally binding contracts (electronic contract) under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Persons who do “not qualify or fulfill the conditions of the contract” within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including minors, un-discharged insolvents etc. are not eligible to use the Website. If you are a minor i.e. under the age of 18 years, you are not deemed to be registered as a seller on the Website or do not have the permission to conduct any kind of sales activities through the Website. Alterkart reserves the right to terminate your registration if found non-compliant with the above mentioned Indian contract act or Alterkart may block your access to the Website. If you register as a business entity, you represent that you are duly authorized by the business entity to accept the TOU and you have the authority to bind the business entity to the TOU of Alterkart. Products or services related to gambling or any illegal activities or products or services, smuggled or stolen is/are not deemed to be sold on our website. The person, company or the entity, if found engaged in selling any illegal, smuggled, stolen goods shall be terminated/dismissed/ suspended from  Alterkart and/or barred for future registration/ transaction with the website or any activities/ requests linked with Alterkart depending upon the discretion of Alterkart.

Your Account and Registration Obligations

If you are using our services as a vendor/ seller or customer then it is your duty to maintain the accounts with true and valid information. If any  ground for discrepancy in regard to providing the correct and true information is found then we hold the rights to terminate your account or bar from using the website for any amount of time.

The customers, vendors or anyone else can contact us via our email address for any kind of query or request.


Our  website is a platform where the purchaser and seller shall meet. We are not responsible for any transition between seller and purchaser. We only display what the seller sells and what purchaser transacts. ALTERKART is not and cannot be hold as a party to control in any manner any transaction between the seller and the purchaser on the Website.


  1. Alterkart doesn’t take any responsibility of changes, decrease/ increase in price, quality, size, shape, quantity, guarantee, and warranty, shelf life of the products and / or services displayed on our website, which you see, buy or browse. Alterkart does not have any responsibility in regards to the interaction between you and the buyer/seller other than our pre-defined policies. Buyers and sellers have to be responsible on their own in regards to any transaction.
  2. Alterkart is not giving any warranties or guaranties on any of the products because operate only as a marketplace or a platform to let the buyers and sellers meet with each other and have transactions among them.
  3. Alterkart does not involve on any dispute between you and buyer. we provides only services.
  4. Alterkart is not between the seller and buyer at any point of transaction or selecting the product services.
  5. Alterkart is not liable for any damage, dissatisfaction, delay of time, as Alterkart is only platform or website as giving services.
  6. Alterkart is not responsible for any end to end user or buyer; it is only a website or platform where many sellers and buyers can reach other all over India.

Use of the Website

Alterkart has no control over the third party for user generate. Your using of the website implies that you shall strictly follow all rules, regulations and the policies governed by us which are as follows:

1. You do not have the rights to update edit, copy, modify, display any reproduce any other party products/ services and do their branding/ re branding as your own.
(a) As it belongs to other entity so you have no right to update edit, copy, modify, display any reproduce the products of other entities.(b) No wrong, misleading, untrue data has to be given for the same.
(c) The items which are harmful to human/ animal health, or embarrassing, personal items belonging to someone in the form of pornography or sexually illicit things intending to harm or damage the goodwill of any other entity or person or any other items which are inappropriate to be displayed on public platforms or websites including items inappropriate for women in accordance to the companies act 1956, is not allowed to be displayed in any form including items to be sold or advertisements and no transactions are allowed in regards to such products between sellers and buyers.
 (d) Activities which are illegal are not to be promoted.
 (e) Promotion of illegal work/ product/ services or copy of any other person’s and/ or entity’s work is not allowed. Sharing of any abusive links, URLs, photo, video or messages in any form in the website’s review, query or any other section/s where the seller and buyer can fill in data is strictly prohibited and will be subject to legal actions against the violator. The account of such entity or person can be blocked permanently or temporarily.
 (f) Sexually explicit/ illicit things which intending to harass or hurt others is strictly prohibited to be displayed on website in any of the form or manner.
(g) Selling of any kind of illegal product/s is not allowed on the website including time bombs, weapons of any kind intended to hurt human beings or animals, corrosive material, etc.
(h) Un permitted or unauthorized videos or photos of others without her/his permission are not allowed to be posted/ displayed on the website.
 (i) Hurting, violating or insulting any other nation/ country and their citizens and/ or policies in any form on the website or selling of such products is not allowed and may lead to temporary or permanent termination of all your accounts in present and future. No harm to minors is permitted on the website in any form.
2. You should not try to access any ID, password, information other than your personal ID, password or information. Mining of any security codes, programs, Software by any of the software, programs, or spy software and scan trace or spy on website is not allowed and is totally against our policy which may lead to proper legal actions against the violators.
3.You shall not use any negative, abusive or defaming word, comments, phrase or actions intended to damage the business or goodwill of ALTERKART in market.
4.The seller should never catch or try to reach user by your own personal messages or email, or any other electronic, direct or indirect way.

  1. It is the responsibility of the vendor/ supplier/ seller to update us periodically with the product you are selling or dealing with users or buyers.
  2. As ALTERKART is public figure so it is your responsibility to display appropriate word for your product/s and/ or services in the tag line/ name/ title of products, inappropriate words, misleading or fraud or any wrong information mentioned in the website may attract legal action against you under proper clauses of IPC and/ or may be the reason to for termination of your account. Any kind of abusive word or hacking trick or similar activities intended to cheat, defame or damage the business or reputation or any activities of Alterkart, its customers, sellers, vendors, service providers, employees against TOU shall be attract adverse legal action by us against any such person or entity. Promotion of anything against/ outside of the scope of TOU is strictly prohibited and Alterkart reserves the right to terminate your account in any of the cases of violation of TOU or policies and/ or terms and conditions of Alterkart. ALTERKART reserves the right to prevent by the means of legal actions any inappropriate activities intended to damage, hurt the business and/ or goodwill by any means on the website or application or related platforms of Alterkart.
  3. It is agreed that by using website other user may fetch information from your point disclose on website, we not allow that kind of identity to use our website but ALTERKART is pan India level so there may be possibilities, but as you know that by TOU we are not responsible for any those things happen between you and user.

8. ALTERKART reserves all the rights to see and take compulsory or necessary action and claim the damage which may be of any kind in nature whether tangible or intangible that may occur due to you/ your involvement/ using services/ delay of services / denial of services and so on.


1.As you are above 18 years of age, you required permitted to sell the product after registering as a vendor/ seller as per the rules and regulations of Alterkart seller registration. All the information in the form of data or documents or conversation either written or verbal with Alterkat must be true, any discrepancy in providing data/ documents, false data provided intentionally or unintentionally may lead to temporary or permanent suspension or termination of your account and Alterkart reserves all the rights to ask you to return all the products/ privileges/ shares or things related to the business back to Alterkart as ALTERKART reserves all the rights to do so and take proper actions against the above mentioned case of providing wrong data or documents on website.

2.It is seller responsibility to dispatch and deliver the product. Alterkart is not responsible for any damage of the product during dispatch period. It is seller’s responsibility to handle the product to courier company and do the follow-up for proper delivery of the product. As a seller you have right to take or charge for delivery fee from buyer.For arranging the transportation for the buyer, the seller has the liberty to charge the buyers a delivery fee.

3.You shall sell your product with full compliances of goods and service tax i.e GST, IGST, SGS, CGST.

4.It is your responsibility to input taxes value. ALTERKART is not responsible for any kind of mistakes regarding the taxation.

5.In case of any mistake or mismatch in taxation with ALTERKART during the collection of tax then you shall cooperate with us for correction of the same.

6.It is your responsibility to provide HSN code to us as it is mandatory under government regulation. Therefore while registering the product in the website you must input the correct the HSN code in dashboard section with every product.

7.It is your responsibility to fulfill all the required compliances for to be able to start selling in Alterkart. This will also be required to verify and will serve as a proof of your business identity.

8.Among all the things on our platform i.e. our website we have are not responsible to manage anything except or services and manage all seller and buyers in correct way.like graphics, text, poster, branding, logo, written on product and description etc, it is controlled by third party and it is not possible to look this as there are many seller in our site, so it’s your honesty that you shall be legal in every sense and ALTERKART is not responsible for as by TOU.

9.You shall responsible for input data on seller or vendor dashboard and there if there is any issue regarding other copy write than you have to pay for it and compensate.

10.ALTERKART is not giving any warranty and guaranty on any product. It is seller and manufacture responsibility to provide the same, and this should be written clearly on product description page.

11.We are disclosing our privacy and polices before registration please read the term and condition.


1.Transactions are transparent between us and you.

2.Alterkart is not responsible for any non-delivered item, fraudulent or fraud to the buyer, because Alterkart merely serves as platform as marketplace where sellers and buyers meet each other and do transactions among themselves.

3.It is your duty to understand, accept and agree to the terms and condition of ALTERKART for selling.

4.In every product there may not be C.O.D (CASH ON DELIVERY).

Facilitating payment for seller

  1. It is your responsibility as seller to dispatch the product in timely manner to avoid complains of the customers and the termination of your account, as our policy we and you shall be on time. As our logistic will pick up your product from the give location where you are comfortable but sometimes if pick up location is not available, then you have to corporate with us or our logistic.
  2. Seller on regular basis shall provide details of dispatched goods/ services, all shipping details, after sales receipt upon receiving any order from Alterkart. Seller shall insure or shall do insurance of the products or items in case it is valuable product by cost or terms and conditions of logistics. ALTERKART is not responsible for any damage or non-delivered of product to buyer. It is totally between you and logistic and you and buyer.
  3. Seller shall dispatch the item or product using trusted logistic that is provide by us, and its seller responsibility to maintain product shipment receipt (P.D.R) for 12 months, in case of any requirement of the sales and shipment records the seller is liable to provide us with P.D.R within a time period.

4.You must agree that shipment details should be correct in all manners and not fraudulent, and/ or not misleading in nature.

  1. If seller does not comply with our TOU or the policies then we have the authority to suspend and/ or terminate your account as well as any contract with immediate effect permanently or for any period of time.
  2. Seller should understand the term by which buyer made money is transfer in your account, following event or points…
  3. a) Buyer confirms the delivery of products and/or services in the transaction;
  4. b) Buyer does not take any action on payment facility to confirm delivery within such a time period as provided in the policies despite confirmation of dispatch of products and/or services by a seller to the buyer.
  5. c) Buyer’s refund claim is rejected by Alterkart due to any breach of the ToU, policies, and any applicable law.
  6. d) Abatement or remittance of seller (after deduction of all taxes, shipment etc. and marketplace commission of ALTERKART) shall be paid only if all the compliance of R.B.I guidelines shall fulfill by seller.
  7. e) If there is any promotion coupon then it is also settled at a time of your payments.
  8. f) If there is C.O.D then after deduction c.o.d rates it shall be transferred to you.

Terms for action of delivery & transaction.

Within 48 hours of getting the order by Alterkrat or Alterkart’s customers, the product should be ready to be dispatched.
Exchange period of time for the order placed is within the three days after the order is received.
Return policy (except less than INR 300 goods are not refundable .i.e., for buyer) for any goods is within 5 working days from delivered date. Working days include Monday to Friday working.



You shall be registered with Alterkart as seller only after you agree to all these TOU. Once you are registered as seller then it implies that you agree all the points of TOU, PRIVACY POLICIES and TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF ALTERKART

Registration with us is free, we do not charge for registration. Our services or marketplace commission is cleared by the following points below.

 MARKETPLACE COMMISSION- 5% ONLY (subject to change any time, information will be provided regarding change in the market place commission. It is the duty of seller as well to check the commission terms periodically. If by any chance Alterkart fails to provide the information directly to sellers then they are responsible to check it by themselves. ALterkart is only responsible to update the changes in the TOU and terms and conditions.


TAX- You should agree to give all the taxes including GST and other taxes and market place commission and market place payment fee of alterkart.

Rules for Remittance to Qualified sellers.

 A seller agrees in all the parameters, which is provided by ALTERKART as Alterkart has sole discretion, which is subject to change anytime.

Meanwhile seller agree to give correct details of invoice to generate bill on the behalf of you, for that we need digital scan copy of image of your signature to raise the bill which is shown in invoice to buyer by us.

The seller agrees that giving correct, true and fully complete invoice of product, and seller could ensure or agree that bill is powered by ALTERKART.

If there is any deduction by bank then seller agrees to give that deduction amount to us. In case if buyer chargeback is occurred then that money will be given to you. Seller agrees to fully cooperate with us, buyer and bank in any future assistance.

Seller came to know that ALTERKART is claims for any damages, fraud or any things related to product to you.

ALTERKART will make payment to seller bank account after all compliances of buyer, bank, TOU. Ones the payment is dispatched ALTERKART is not responsible for any liability or claims by buyer and seller.

If seller sells food item/s or drug/s item then seller should have proper license and compliances certified by the government of India in order to sell because ALTERKART is only a market place which is not responsible for any such in compliances and won’t be held responsible for it. It is the sole responsibility of the seller to be authorized to sell these products and provide us the correct information of the same to Alterkart, as alterkart may not cross check any such license validity or authorization. If any false information comes to the notice of Alterkart then Alterkart has the rights to suspend the seller accounts temporarily or terminate the account permanently. However, Alterkart is not responsible for any wrong or fraudulent information.

If seller shall sell jewelry, then the seller must have hallmark and all compliance regarding that, we are not responsible for any issues created between you and buyer.

ALTERKART is not responsible in any case for any kind of damage or penalty in product case, even if you inform in advance or before.

Product Detailing

ALTERKART is not responsible to check, cross verify or verify any product description, label, hallmark, license, or any documents or facts regarding items/ products or services seller sells on our website because it is input by third party (seller) and we could not control that.


Ones in a year there will be raised accounting calculation and you may have to pay the related fee.

Breach Of Agreement

If seller breaches any of our compliances or TOU then without any prior notice or warning we may, suspend, block, terminate or take legal actions against you as we hold the sole discretion of the same. We reserve all the rights to recover any amount due and owned by you and/ or take legal action against the breach of agreement. You may be penalized financially if we find any type of fraudulent or fake activities by you.

If any type of copyrights violation comes to the knowledge of the Alterkart through any sources including the complaints against you by any person or entity then we may take proper actions or legal actions against you.

ALTERKART is not responsible for any kind of fraud, cheating with the buyer and it is the responsibility or liability of the seller to handle such issues. In case of any kind of refund offers or exchange offers or other offers (herein after referred to as offers) announced by you during the effect or validity of which the buyer or Alterkart does any kind of bookings of your products or service under any payment mode whether Cash on delivery or online/ offline payment or payment by any mode then you are responsible to fulfill such promises or offers provided by you even if the payment is done after the validity or effect of the offers, or even after the offer period ends. The offers shall be applied at the time of booking and be shall be carried till the payment is complete by the buyer and subsequently by Alterkart.

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For any kind of enquiry, complaints you can contact us on support@alterkart.com

PHONE NO: +91- 9264436666
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